The poison priest in Silbodal

The vicar Anders Lindbäck (1803-1865) planned to mix some arsenic into the sacramental wine.

He got the post as a priest in Silbodal 1862 and moved to Årjäng from Dalsland. The district was very poor and Lindbäck named it Siberia of Sweden.

The poverty troubled the new parish priest but soon he understood what standing his office reached in this poor settled country and he soon became the dictator of the district. He also realised  how much all the sick and poor costed the local governement. He then came up with a solution that was economical favourable and reduced the suffering of choosen members of the congregation.

Anders Lindbäck often made house calls to bless the poor and weak and to give them the Holy Communion. Strange thing was several people became even more ill after his visits and some of them died. No one knew this was part of Anders Lindbäcks plan and that he had mixed arsenic into the sacramental wine.

Everything went smooth until he gave up his plan and killed a rich man. Sometime later Anders Lindbäck confessed three murders and three attempts to murder. In his long and much discussed speech for the defence he declared that he did what he did to relieve members of the congregation from pain.

The speech did not rescue him and Anders Lindbäck was sentenced to death. He preceded this and hung himself in his cell in Karlstad prison.

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